Consulting and Demand Forecasting: Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Posted by: Mark Krantz Posted Date: 03/27/2015

When it comes to understanding your business, you are the expert. But if you are required to systematically and scientifically forecast demand, you quickly realize your need for tools to integrate with your business experience. Consulting with a software team who are experts in both software and business processes for analyzing and predicting demand enables you to continue focusing on your business while increasing your accuracy at inventory management. 

Reinventing the Wheel

When facing a software need, many business owners try to do their own research, buying the software they think is best and implementing it to the best of their IT team's abilities. While this makes sense on the surface (it looks cheaper), but when looked at deeper, it is like trying to reinvent the wheel: again and again. 

Software implementation takes time. Your IT team has their regular tasks (computer maintenance, training your employees on software, networking, troubleshooting, etc.). If you take them off of those tasks to study both how a new software works, and how to implement it, you are losing valuable labor time. A consulting service will become partners with you in implementation: training your IT team on management and maintenance and creating training processes for all your employees to use the software well. 

Again and Again

If you are just implementing an inventory management system, you need to think over how technology has changed in the last 15 years. 15 years ago, many PC's had less than a Gig of Ram, and cell-phones were rather large with very clunky operating systems. Now, people have technology in the palm of their hand which could power a space program. Software has to keep abreast of technology, which means any software program you buy will be outdated very soon. 

A 3rd party consulting and software provider will be your partner through the changes ahead. Not just once, but each time your inventory software needs to be updated, a consulting service will be there, as a your IT partner and provider. Please contact us to discover more about how our consulting services can help your business achieve your inventory demand forecasting. 

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